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We offer a variety of services to help families who are looking for academic or social support from a licensed, experienced professional. Services include Social Groups, Homeschooling, and Private Tutoring. Scroll down to read about each service!

Social Groups

Does your child struggle to socialize with others? Do you want to build their confidence to interact with friends and family? Our social groups support these goals! In these groups, we encourage making friends, practice turn-taking, maintaining conversations, asking and answering questions, appropriate interactions with peers and adults, and so on. If your child would benefit from support in these areas, please complete the appropriate Social Group interest form:
Pre-Teen Social Group Interest Form (Ages 10-13)

Teen Social Group Interest Form (Ages 14-17)

Young Adult Social Group Interest Form (Ages 18-26).

Homeschool Groups

What is a homeschool group?

A homeschool group is a small group of students of a similar age and grade who meet in a home to learn together. One parent may choose to be the primary host of the group, or parents may choose to take turns hosting. This is a personal choice and parents should not feel pressured to host if they are unable to. Homeschool groups create a sense of community for students and parents. Having a certified teacher lead the group is a great way for parents to remain involved in their child’s education, but to also have the group structured by an expert whose focus is providing students with the best education.

Why Homeschool?

Do you want your child to have an education that’s tailored to their unique strengths and needs? Do you want to have a say in what your child is learning? Look around you, so much has changed just in the last 10 years alone- but schools have largely stayed the same since they were first implemented hundreds of years ago! Students still sit in desks, put in rows, reading about topics but rarely exploring things on a deeper level. Homeschooling gives your child the opportunity to break away from the herd and figure out which learning strategies work best for them and which topics they are most interested in. In traditional schools, teachers are told how to instruct students and they are essentially graded on how well they conform to the structure they are being told to use, whether or not it benefits their students. This is why I left traditional teaching to help parents like you homeschool their children. I want to be part of a system that helps all students reach their potential. Your children deserve an individualized, unique, high-quality education that will enable them to do their best!
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Private Tutoring

Is your child falling behind academically? Sign them up for tutoring today! Our tutors are certified teachers and are experienced teaching grades K-6. If your child puts the work in, their grades and their confidence will improve!
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Reading Virtual Small Group

Reading skills are important for your child to do well in any subject area. If children do not receive the support they need, they will fall further and further behind. Struggling in reading not only affects children academically, but affects their confidence as well.

Our reading virtual small group teacher begins by completing an F&P assessment to accurately identify your child’s reading level, areas of strength, and needs. We use this information to craft reading lessons that will support your child in reaching their reading goals.

Why work in a virtual small group? Reading small groups are proven to be beneficial for struggling students. Small groups promote student engagement, which promotes focus and learning. Reading small groups also allow students to learn by observing their peers’ successes and mistakes. Our small group provides opportunities for teacher-led learning, as well as peer-to-peer learning. Working in a group makes tutor sessions more fun and will give your child something to look forward to.


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